Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whatcha Readin?

So I have this friend... Yes, I know, it even surprised Pete... You know, Pete the Lion...

Anyways, I have this friend, I've known her for years. I'm not going to tell you how many years, because we can't agree, and I'm to lazy to do the math. Throughout the years, even when we were not all that close, two things always stayed the same:

1. We would be there in a heart beat, with just a phone call (and possibly some parent aimed begging when we were too young to drive)

2. We read at the same speed

Don't we look cute? But seriously, same speed. Which was really convenient when we only had one book. This picture isn't quite accurate since usually she holds the book (that whole Laziness thing again).

We've heard it's rather amusing to watch since we laugh at the same time, talk about it while reading, and, if one of us looses our place, the other knows exactly where we are.

However, there are downsides to this arrangement:
1. Only one of us actually gets to finish the book
2. We don't actually like the same kinds of books.

Now there are the occasional books we both love, but generally we don't really read the same genres. She reads contemporary, I read Fantasy. She reads Historical Fiction, I read Science Fiction. Though we can both agree what good (and bad, Twilight anyone?) writing looks like, agreeing on what a good story looks like, well that's a different story (oh, I see what I did there).

Having this joint affair with reading has, however, led to one very important fact. Because of reading together, I've developed a very eclectic taste in reading. Though an Historical Fiction is the last book I'll pick up, I still enjoy reading it.

All this to say. There are different genres for a reason. We all enjoy different books. My brother, for example, will never read my writing, and I know that, he hates fiction (especially fantasy). He would much rather read informational books (I will refrain from calling him Eustace Scrubb).

However, every once in awhile, pick up a book you normally wouldn't read. You may want to borrow it from a friend, but read it. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.
Pete the Lion needs glasses to read his mysteries

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