Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Characters,

Here is a lovely character drill for you. Write a letter to your characters. One at a time, or all of them as a whole. Here are my NaNoWriMo Characters:

Dear all not-Xan characters,

WARNING: Melodramatic, rhetorical comments to Xan that are meant to draw compliments and/or participation in your personal pity party will result in dry (and most likely hurtful) sarcasm. Don't do it, she is mean... and rude... and doesn't care about you. She's in it for the money. So stop being a bunch of whiners and she'll stop being mean. That is all.

Dear Xan,
Don't tell the others, but I secretly love your sarcasm. It's hilarious, and I wish I could use it on some of my friends. However, I really need you to be nice to Kaloc, or he is not going to side with you when Teia tries to kill you. I really want him to side with you, because if he doesn't, Raidin will have to kill him and this whole thing will get messy really quickly. We all know Kal is secretly in love with you, so stop tearing his poor little heart to pieces. (Don't give me that look! You're the one who made me bring it up!) Plus, if you guys are on opposite sides, his sister will have to choose between you two, and you really don't wan to put her in that position. Then again she is also going to be brainwashed, so she wont really get to choose, but that's not the point!

Also, would you just figure out whether you trust your cousin or hate her. I don't really care which one, but you can't keep going back and forth. Yes she's gonna try to kill you in the end, but you don't know that yet, so pick one already!

Dear Kaloc,
Xan is not for you. Sorry. And if you keep being so adorable, and so in love with her, I will be forced to kill you so no one is sad when she doesn't love you back. It's not my fault you waited ten years to decide to show that you love her. You should have said something earlier. No, I don't have anyone else for you at the moment, but if you really are desperate you can fall in love with Teia... but she will use you and probably try to kill you. So either way you die. I don't want to kill you so stop being in love and we're all good! No! I can't kill Raidin, I need him. Killing Raidin will not make Xan love you, and if you keep talking like that He will hear you. And he's bigger than you. Sorry, kid, facts of life.

Dear Teia,
You're evil, I like you, and evil people always have the best theme music. That is all.

Dear Mihail,
So.. I know you're supposed to be the wise, lovable prophet and everything, but... WHY ARE YOU MUTE? You are a TERRIBLE prophet! Prophecy is meant to be SAID... ugh! you are useless to me! The Whole Point of you being here was that you were a prophet, but now you are just a half-blind old man who looks all pensive that I'm obligated to mention so no one forgets that you're there. AND you're slow... we're being chased by humanoid snakes, that is VERY BAD, I can't have you limping down the mountainside. Do you at least light fires, or fight Balrogs, or something? ... Okay... I'm done now...

PS. You're probably getting replaced with Shade in the edits, sorry, I like him better... and it will tie this book to Jewel's story, which is necessary. This is why you have no depth, I promise to stop blaming you.

Dear Shade,

Hooray! you finally get to be in a real story, and not an RPG. I told you this day was coming didn't I? I know I'm kind of dropping you in in the middle of Chapter six, but I'll write you in the other chapters later. See the thing is, I originally put this prophet guy in, but he turned out to be Mute. I mean, I'm sure he's a great guy and he had a really cool name, but he's not as awesomesauce as you. So you have to promise to not tick Xan off TOO much (just a little is okay, she deserves it), and promise not to snitch on the fact that Teia is evil before I say. If you do that, I promise not to kill you again, and not write any of your puphood in. THAT is how much I love you!

Sincerly, Tammi (Soni will be here in a moment to make the rest of you feel better, she actually likes you. And, yes I know we're the same person... details...)

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