Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Other News

Write everyday. It doesn't matter what or how useful it is, just write.

I mentioned a couple days ago, I'm doing a 365 challenge. Basically trying to write Something everyday. So far I'm on day... eeep, math... six, no, seven. So I was just giving a quick update. Some of it I may post on here, some I won't. Like stuff for my book, I probably won't post much. Also, I'm editing somethings that I won't post on here either.

Which reminds me, I could use someone to read over about ten pages of prose. It's contemporary fiction if anyone is interested in giving some honest feedback, I could really use it.

So that's what I'm up to, that's my little "update" on how The Challenge is going. I love random non-descriptive titles. Like in books and movies, when people want an ominous thing. "The Organization." "The Test." "The Center." Dundundun... haha! Okay I'm done now... The Ring... He will try to take the Ring. The Fat One wants it.... okay, really I'm done now.

PS Just figured out how to do delayed posts... LOVE

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