Monday, January 4, 2010

There is nothing more discouraging...

Than finding 160 typed pages of a book you know you have to rewrite... BUT my amazing youth pastor said to say no to discouragement! (and drugs)... So I threw my old binder in a deep dark corner of my room. Actually, into a box to take to my NEW room because I just moved out of my parents house! I also found a collection of my writing from 1993 up to 2000, which is actually pretty hilarious to read. One thing I have learned over the years is to never throw old writing away. Not because it could secretly be amazing, but because there may be an idea you had when you were fifteen, that is still a good idea. Just because the writing was bad doesn't mean the idea was. Also, it's good to laugh at yourself sometimes, and old writing is a great way to just have some fun!

Moving right along (hehe, The Muppet Movie). Last post I talked about writing in your "zone". Today, I thought I'd talk about something else I've learned recently. A lot of times we don't use tools we have readily available to us. I don't mean tools like a hammer, or even a dictionary. I'm talking about tools we already have in our brains. No, I'm not crazy! Somethings we take for granted, and kind of deprive our characters of them. Case and point: food. Everyone eats, but many times we don't allow our characters to enjoy a meal.

Food may seem like such a little thing, but it can be used for big things. A sit down meal is a perfect place for a conversation, or to get to know your characters. Last month I embarked on a literary journey to discover the many uses of food in fiction (this is making me hungry!!). This research paper (which I got an A on by the way)is what took up all my Nanowrimo time, but I had fun doing. Actually, it was the most entertaining research paper ever. What other topic allows you to use Green Eggs and Ham as a resource? Anyways, for the full paper: click on the link titled "Interesting School Paper" in the sidebar for all my fun projects last quarter. For just that paper click here

One more thing. Awhile ago I posted here about looking your best even if you aren't going anywhere. On that note, a friend of mine at Bachman's Sparrow took me out to the mall to find the perfect jeans. Click to find the complete Great Denim Adventure (and see my new hair cut!!).

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