Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The History Channel

Most people don't watch the history channel, myself included. What was I thinking? I was completely rejecting this amazing resource! Today on the history channel they explored vampire origins, dragon mythology around the world (a two hour special), Greek mythological creatures based on prehistoric animals, and modern mummifying technology. Later tonight they're (literaly) exploring the unerground caves of Romania, home of the real Prince Vlad Dracula.

This onset vampire and mythological documentaries is, no doubt, because of Halloween. Personally, vampires bug me. So I really don't care about Dracula, I already know enough history to know he was evil. But the Dragon stuff is pretty interesting. For example: in Babylonian mythology tells the story of Daniel, who gets throne in the lions den for slaying the dragon, a false god. Not bad eh?

The history channel has information on almost every legend, era, major event. I don't care what genre you're writing you can find good information collected on the history channel. Even science fiction writers can find idea provoking technology and stories.

Next time you need to do some research, look up the history channel, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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