Tuesday, October 27, 2009

But I'm a PC!!

Now I know all you PC users were sadly disappointed when Scrivener went on sale in honor of Nanowrimo and it was only for Macs. Non-writers, or writers still trying to figure out how to use Microsoft word: Scrivener is an extensive writing software that allows you to keep tabs on all your ideas, research, and writing in one clean cut program. However, it currently only runs on macs, so a lot of us are unable to take advantage of this opportunity. Pout no longer!!

Liquid story binder, is again going on sale this November 1st! One day only, it will be available. How do I know this? We all know Black Obelisk doesn't advertise this offer ever year. Well, I did some research and Nano moderator and author, Dragonchilde , announced it for us in her blog: A Dragon Writes. You may be thinking: But what if it's on giveawayoftheday again? Do you really want to risk missing out on this? Trust me, the answer is no! This software is worth it! I used the trial version until I ran out of hours, and it is the best I have found in three years.

I for one will be downloading it first thing Nov. 1st! Who's with me?

Happy Noveling!

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