Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top Tools for Creative (and Working) Writers

Top Tools for Creative (and Working) Writers

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Slightly outdated, I'll be doing a series of writer gadgets soon, but I thought this had some good pointers. What are some of your favorite writing toys?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look it, Feel it, Be it!

Almost two weeks ago I was with some friends at youth church. After a discussion about my hair, a dear friend of mine informed me that I "need to invest more in myself." Running through my various excuses about having more important things to do, not really caring, ect. I myself wasn't even really convinced.

I have always prided myself in being able to get out the door in five minutes. Not a bad thing, mind you, just not great. Last week I was utterly sick, and missed my usual Sunday activities. I called in sick, which is not something I do lightly. I sat around the house with no motivation to do anything, much less anything productive.

What does this have to do with writing? Many times we don't bother to get ready for the day until we have something to get ready for. Which can be very detrimental if you work in the afternoon like I do. When you get up and don't do your hair, make-up, put on something other than sweats, your mind doesn't kick in to gear either.

This morning I decided my friend was right. Not because I need to look good for the sake of people around me, but for myself. When you get ready for the day physically, you feel ready mentally and emotionally. So I challenge you, even if you aren't going anywhere all day: get ready like you have somewhere to be. You will feel more energetic and put together, which makes for a more productive day all around.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The History Channel

Most people don't watch the history channel, myself included. What was I thinking? I was completely rejecting this amazing resource! Today on the history channel they explored vampire origins, dragon mythology around the world (a two hour special), Greek mythological creatures based on prehistoric animals, and modern mummifying technology. Later tonight they're (literaly) exploring the unerground caves of Romania, home of the real Prince Vlad Dracula.

This onset vampire and mythological documentaries is, no doubt, because of Halloween. Personally, vampires bug me. So I really don't care about Dracula, I already know enough history to know he was evil. But the Dragon stuff is pretty interesting. For example: in Babylonian mythology tells the story of Daniel, who gets throne in the lions den for slaying the dragon, a false god. Not bad eh?

The history channel has information on almost every legend, era, major event. I don't care what genre you're writing you can find good information collected on the history channel. Even science fiction writers can find idea provoking technology and stories.

Next time you need to do some research, look up the history channel, you may be pleasantly surprised!

But I'm a PC!!

Now I know all you PC users were sadly disappointed when Scrivener went on sale in honor of Nanowrimo and it was only for Macs. Non-writers, or writers still trying to figure out how to use Microsoft word: Scrivener is an extensive writing software that allows you to keep tabs on all your ideas, research, and writing in one clean cut program. However, it currently only runs on macs, so a lot of us are unable to take advantage of this opportunity. Pout no longer!!

Liquid story binder, is again going on sale this November 1st! One day only, it will be available. How do I know this? We all know Black Obelisk doesn't advertise this offer ever year. Well, I did some research and Nano moderator and author, Dragonchilde , announced it for us in her blog: A Dragon Writes. You may be thinking: But what if it's on giveawayoftheday again? Do you really want to risk missing out on this? Trust me, the answer is no! This software is worth it! I used the trial version until I ran out of hours, and it is the best I have found in three years.

I for one will be downloading it first thing Nov. 1st! Who's with me?

Happy Noveling!
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